Biblical Faith in Action

Biblical Faith in Action

Faith of course is not just a noun, but is also a verb.  It is a condition; to have faith or faithfulness.  But to build faith it requires action on our part.  In all cases it requires that we trust in, or rely on, something intangible to produce something that is tangible.  We develop a reliance on ourselves to produce certain results within our knowledge and skills.  We then have faith in ourselves that we can accomplish what we purpose to do.  Our human intellect and spirit working together can accomplish a great deal of wonderful things or horrible things.  God gave us the choice to decide which.

Biblical faith gives us the opportunity to accomplish wonderful things above that which we are capable of, or can even imagine.  That faith comes by trusting God’s Spirit to bear witness to, and guide, our spirit to accomplish wonderful things.  “Now the just shall live by faith:”  (Hebrews 10:38 KJV)

Biblical Faith In Action – There and Then

Christ - Our example of faith in Action

Christ – Our example of faith in Action

So how do you learn the faith that God wants you to have?  Those instructions are taught throughout the scriptures.  Both Old and New Testaments show us how faith arose and grew within those who believed God’s words.

For many, especially those trying to start out in God’s Word, difficulty arises in the language, customs and strange (to us) commands given by God through His people.  It can be very easy to get lost in all of the infidelity, wars and disobedience found in these stories.  But they all have a timeless message for all of us if we take the time to seek and understand that message.  All of the Old Testament heroes who were found righteous and faithful in God’s eyes had many faults.  Abraham, Moses, and even King David all suffered consequences from their unbelief and disobedience.  So how can we see through the frailties of these characters and learn the truth of God’s message in their lives and ours?

Biblical Faith In Action – Here and Now

The simple answer is systematic study.  “The heart of the righteous studieth to answer:”  (Proverbs 15:28 KJV)  But as most of you know, there are numerous versions of the Bible in many languages.  The King James Version (KJV) was translated 400 years ago.  The English language was much different then.  The New International Version (NIV) is a much more modern language style.

You should try to understand the presentation and context of the scripture, and at the same time pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning to you.  One way to do that is to gain an understanding of the times in which the various characters lived.  Laws, customs, traditions and ideas changed greatly over the centuries.  The truth of God’s Word, however, never changes.

So, I have a recommendation for you.  It is the Faith in Action Study Bible.  Unlike any other Bible available, Faith in Action Study Bible introduces a new and innovative ‘commentary style’ notes system that’s divided into paired notes: ‘There and Then’ and ‘Here and Now.’ ‘There and Then’ notes provide background information and/or explain or amplify the meaning of the text. ‘Here and Now’ notes explore a variety of contexts, both personal and social/cultural, in which the passage may be applied today. The goal is to invite, coach, encourage, and inspire while using open-ended questions and invitations for reflection.  We should always learn how God’s words were taken to heart and acted upon before the promise of those words could be seen.  Using those same  promises in our own life, and seeing the results of what God can do in our own life, builds our faith.


  • The New International Version—most read, trusted translation.
  • A new and innovative ‘commentary style’ note system.
  • Over 75 full-page articles and essays comment on particular passages, and highlight the lives and legacies of heroes and heroines of the faith
  • Book introductions include at-a-glance outlines and biblical timelines.
  • Over 175 individually designed in-text charts and graphs comment on the passages or provide current information and/or statistics on issues directly related to a particular verse or text.
  • Over 75 real-life stories and profiles of well-known and anonymous faith heroes and heroines.
  • Single-column format with side-column references for easy readability.
  • 12 ‘Geographic,’ maps contain information on different geographical areas.
  • Extensive study guides on themes covered in various features.
  • Approximately 30 sets of reading tracks.
  • NIV concordance is an indispensable aid to informed Bible study.
  • Index to articles, charts, and stories allows the reader to locate particular features.
  • 6-page full-color map section is complemented by a map index.

Below is a link to get a copy of this Bible.  Check it out and see if it will help your understanding of what faith is, and how it can help your faith walk.


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Biblical Faith in Action — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Doug!

    Wanted to return the favor and stop by and check out your site; very nice…well written and grounded in His word…amen! That makes me happy…more so, when we get it right. So much need, yet so much greed, especially by those who should know better; you know the one’s in church with all the change jingling at offering time! lol. I judge no man, and we Christians should be leading the way to giving.

    I trust you will be blessed and in turn be a blessing, and more, in secret that God might know and bless you all the more just as promised.

    To you and yours…keep up the great work…happy 2015!

    Kevin 🙂

  2. Hi Doug and Debbie! You are right because God’s word never changes. I think it is blasphemous the way some of today’s “leaders” are using scripture for their own profit and gain. This is not scriptural. But when we read, study and research, we have a clear and Godly understanding of scripture. Thank you for what you are doing here and God Bless! ~Cathy

  3. Hello, Doug and Debbie. This is an interesting site and I really like it. I know we all must have faith, but at times it’s really hard. I believe and pray that everything will be alright with the world. Bless you both!

  4. I’ve had such a hard life through my own mistakes.

    This last month I’ve received prophecy after prophecy that the second part of my life is going to better than the first, Jesus is going to bless me and I’m going to be very very happy.

    I asked Jesus ‘why are you going to bless me so much in my latter years?’. He replied, ‘because through your hardships, you never once denied me’, as Jesus spoke ‘Job’ in the bible came to me.

    God blessed Job a thousand times over for not denying him when everything had been taken away.

    lol I’ve just given you another article to write!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Doug, I completely agree with you. The truth of God’s Word never changes. It cannot be bent or altered for different times or circumstances. I believe it is simple to understand and we sometimes try to over complicate the basic truths. Great post.

  6. I have not seen this version before. I think the notes would be so helpful to understand the context. Thanks for writing about this! Best of luck to you!

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